Sunday, December 23, 2007


I've come down to Costa Rica a few weeks early to get everything set up for the expedition. After working in Central America on a few previous trips, it is painfully obvious to me that even on a bare bones trip like this, things will come up, pieces of the puzzle will be missing, and nothing will happen like you plan it. At a certain point, it's always necessary to just take what you have and go for it. Like deciding which stroke is your last on a painting that has taken hours or days to complete, a certain point comes where whatever you do will only complicate things further. In a few days, Izzi's plane will land in Liberia, Costa Rica, and we will head south on our 8 hour drive to the Osa Peninsula where, with all the planning that has been put into this trip, plans will change and it will gain a mind of its own. These are the best kinds of trips. We have goals, but how we get there will be a fluid and entertaining process.

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Orion said...

Man I hear you, you can never be sure you are completely prepared. I went camping once and our generator ran out of gas. Gotta tell you, you just can't plan for emergencies like that. I had to keep my coleman lantern on in my tent all night just to keep the possums in our backyard from trying to get into my sleeping bag. Man, that was a crazy night.

Hahaha. Just kidding. I've never been camping :) Have a great trip. I'm sure it will be epic, and I'll be waiting for stories and pictures.

Bad Billy