Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Corcovado Expedition

My Brother, my friend Tony a girl (who has yet to be decided) and I will be following up on my Cocos Island Project along by Kayaking around the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, going through the Sierpe Reserve, Drake Bay, Isla Cano National Reserve, and Corcovado national park. The trip will be fully self supported, living mostly off of the land (coconuts and speared fish), and will take about a week of kayaking through mangroves, open ocean, and uninhabited coastline to complete.

The trip will be going through a number of ecological habitats known for sharks, Rio Seirpe and Rio Sirena are fresh water hunting grounds for inumerable Bull Sharks, and Isla Caño attracts some of the same schools of hammerheads that we documented off of Cocos Island. Isla Caño is only 10 miles from shore, and about 40 miles from some of the closer fishing villages, so I am anxious to see how much more affected it is by the fishermen than Cocos Island.

Our plan is to sleep in hammocks on the beach, eat coconuts and catch fish for food, all the while surfing what waves we can on the secluded coast line. This adventure is to be an example for other young people, by showing that adventure can have a purpose.

This expedition will be taking place the first week of January, and we will be covering it with HDV video, and High quality still imagery above and below sea level.

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